Patrice Ganda

Patrice Ganda loves to skateboard, paint, tag and design. You may have seen some of his work in the recent book, Stickerbomb 3 – one of the best compendiums of street and sticker artists working today.


Hey Patrice, how’s it going? What are you up to and where are you doing it?
Life is good, each day is a new adventure where I enjoy the unexpected and take my skateboard to continue living this passion. At the moment I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Such an amazing country with a lot of art to get inspired from and lot of cool skaters to ride with. At the moment, I am looking at printing some new work as working on a design for a local skateboard brand in Jakarta.

There’s definitely a turn of the century (the one before last) edge to your work – are you influenced by art and culture from the 18/1900s?
I love spending time in flea markets and see objects and illustrations from the past, trying to understand and find out where they originated. I feel that they deserve a second life in our modern world but nevertheless with twist in colours, shape and meaning. That’s how I work and let my surrounding environment stimulate my imagination and creativity.

How did you get involved in Stickerbomb?
I met with Ryo from Stickerbomb in Singapore at Kult Gallery, when they had the “Stickerbomb Skulls” book release party. Kult Gallery was the first gallery that open its door to my art when I arrived in Asia, a great team to work with.

Do you get your stickers up places or are you more of a paint to wall kinda guy?
I am a strong believer in trying things out. Therefore, I put stickers up in the streets whenever I travel, I paint large format wood panels for friends, I use stencils and wheatpaste across the walls of the cities I visit, but I haven’t done much of it lately. I think that Stickerbomb3 is a call for me to get out there again and cover the sad walls of the cities and let people enjoy art freely.

I know you come from a skater background so I guess designing the decks of a big skate team is a dreamy commission to get?
That’s always been my biggest dream as a skater and artist and that dream came true back in 2013 with a Swiss brand, Leaf Skateboards, and then I did a series for Antiz Skateboards. These were such cool collaborations and I always get excited and truly honoured when these sort of collaborations take place. I am working on a new collaboration at the moment with a Jakarta-based skateboard company for some deck designs. I am looking forward to it and there will be many other projects like these. Small or big companies doesn’t matter to me, skateboarding is what drives me in life, so if I can contribute to skateboarding with my art, I do it unconditionally and with pleasure.

Where can we see more of your work?
Just like most artists nowadays I have a website and I can be followed on Instagram (@patriceganda). In London you can find my work at the Pure Evil Gallery on Leonard St. I usually try to find art fairs and collective art shows to exhibit my work but also to meet other artists and learn from them. I always enjoy learning new techniques and see how others do their art and express their passion.

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