Bambi is the artist behind that super viral recent ‘Lie Lie Land’ graffiti you will have definitely seen recently. She’s also done a ton of other stuff, don’t think she’s a one-hit wonder – you may also know her for the famous Amy Winehouse piece in Camden, among others. She’s currently got work on show in Venice coinciding with the Biennale.

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Hey Bambi, how’s it going? 
Good thanks…

Why did you choose the Pope for your piece in Venice? 
Well, it’s obvious isn’t – he’s such a significant figure, and this one particularly because he seems like a humble guy, and he’s been proactive in speaking out on environmental issues. The polar bear connected the climate change issue, and the gondola – well of course – it’s Venice. They are truly threatened by rising sea levels.

Are you out there at the moment? 
That would be telling, wouldn’t it..!

Did you get any political heat from the Lie Lie Land piece you did recently? 
It’s a subjective thing, you always get heat for giving an opinion. But it was quite light-hearted and I think most people saw that. It was a parody of what was real, as well as a comment on politics. It’s always best to have a sense of humour on these things, I find.

Have you got any election special plans?
May well do, but I’m also really focused on some other issues, particularly those facing urban kids, and you may well see some work popping up soon….

Are there any spots you really want to get up on in London?
Buckingham Palace is in my sights…

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you when painting? EVOL once told me he accidentally set fire to himself checking his artwork with a lighter…
Getting arrested, and the British rain manages to be relentlessly challenging when you’re out on the street.

What’s the biggest stencil you’ve ever done?
Turn and Face Your Fears and Watch Them Melt Into Roses – a shark mural I did in London a few years back. They were then stolen which was really annoying.

They’re a fucker to fold away eh? Do you ever suddenly and momentarily get massively confused (like when you forget how to do maths for a second) when you’re putting a stencil together and it’s wet and flopping around?
I’m an expert in origami so not a problem.

When you’re putting a piece up on a wall do you enjoy and embrace the adrenaline or does it make you want to finish as quickly as possible and then you enjoy the after bit?
It’s the pint of Guinness at the end that makes me most happy….

Where can we see more of your work
On the streets on London, and talking of La La Land…. I plan on delivering a gift to our American friends soon.

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