Bristol-born Inkie is part of that stable of artists that trotted out of Bristol and over to London and showed pretty much everyone how you actually go about doing ‘street art’. His figures and heavily emphasised lines are instantly recognisable, and he’s spent the last few years jetting around the word live painting at events, notably with EINE and INSA, with all kinds of super famous people watching them. He managed to spare a few minutes to answer a few questions about stuff.

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Tell me about your work – why do you concentrate on painting hot women? Have I just answered my own question there?
Why draw men when you can draw women….

That’s a very valid point. Now I have it on good authority that out of the explosion of artists from the Bristol scene you are ‘the bestdraughtsman out of the lot’ – what’s your secret?
Speed and patience… not feeling put off by the enormity of a job and just diving into it and having confidence in the end result, even if there are a few errors.

Do you do much spray can work – or is it all about fat, drippy markers with you?
I use spray cans for my wildstyles and when I do more illustrative work they are used for base colours and fades, you can get more detail with a pen and the finished result looks a look sharper… why use a spade when you can use a scalpel.

Outside of art, what do you get up to?
I love visiting museums and ancient monuments as well as drinking beer…

Beer is indeed ace. You were well involved with the computer games industry for a long time, do you still do stuff for that?

I walked out of SEGA after nearly 10 years as head of design and haven’t really looked back, sometime in the future I plan to set up a design agency working with the games industry though.

Which artists are rocking it for you at the moment?

Chor Boogie – LA, Bio -TAT crew NYC, Retna – LA, Bom.K – Paris, Shoe – Amsterdam, Will Barras & Sickboy – London.

Your auctions for charity have been a massive success – you got any more planned?
We’ve done a few at the Paradise pub (Kensal Rise, London – expect more quality work and a bigger party next time…

Where’s the best place in London for a pint in your opinion? I probably owe you one.

There are several. I prefer local boozers to ‘gastro’ pubs though and anywhere that shows the football. Let me know when you want to meet up for a jar…



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