Kai and Sunny

Brighton-based art duo Kai and Sunny are way better at drawing lines than you. This interview was done just before their show, poignantly called The Whirlwind of Time opened in 2016. 

So you work with ballpoint pens – just how many do you go through? You must be one of the few people who gets to the actual end of them?

We have quite a collection. It’s surprising how many kinds are out there. We’ve recently sourced some ballpoint pens from Japan and they’re working a treat. We must have 100 different shades.

The show’s called Whirlwind of Time, how have you embraced that?
The name Whirlwind Of Time came about after looking at the passage of time and what this could mean. A musician friend of ours sadly passed away last year called Gavin Clark. He wrote a song called Whirlwind Of Rubbish. The name Whirlwind stuck with me. We’ve explored areas such as turning of tides, changing weather and time for reflection. The series of works balances the serene with the intense, the fragile with the stable and the peaceful with the chaotic.

There’s an extra layer to the show with an exclusive short story by David Mitchell to accompany it isn’t there? What’s it about?
We sent David images of the work in the show and the concept with the title ‘Whirlwind Of Time’. David’s response was a six page story about a ‘meanderer’ who lives at one-twelfth the speed of the rest of us. It’s called ‘MY EYE ON YOU’ and it’s a beauty. The story will be on display at the show as part of a 25 edition box set.

How did you guys start collaborating with him?
We’ve worked with David since 2003 when we were asked to create the cover for his book Cloud Atlas. We’ve stayed in contact ever since and have worked on a number of his books over the years. David has written short stories for some of our art shows. It’s a real privilege to work with him as I regard him as one of the greatest British novelists of his generation.

Where can we see more of your work?
Our new show opens at Stolen Space Gallery, 17 Osborn Street, london, E1 6TD with the opening reception next Thursday, March 3rd, 6 – 9pm. The show then runs until April 3rd. After that we will be showing in Paris around Autumn time. You can also see our work @kaiandsunny.

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