Although Gilf! lives in Brooklyn, she’s just as exasperated about gentrification that’s turning her city into an empty shell as we are about it happening here in London. So we yelled some questions across the Atlantic to her.

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Hey Gilf!, how’s it going? Up to much?
Howdy! Up to my eyeballs in spray paint at the moment.

So, why are you called Gilf!, Gilf!?
At age seven, two co-conspirators and I made up the word and it just stuck. To us, it means unbridled feminine creativity. To everyone else it means something horrifically misogynistic. It still makes me laugh.

You work across all kinds of media as well as on the street and in galleries – what’s your favourite way to work?
Under the cover of darkness, preferably with other misfits.

What prompted you to take your work in a protest/activist direction?
The second Bush Administration, my outrage had to go somewhere.

We’re feeling the same awful pinch of gentrification in London as you are in Brooklyn – is it killing the art scene over there, or are the fires burning brightly just in different parts of town?
I would wrap the whole city in gentrification in progress tape if I had the funds. There’s a mass exodus of the creative class happening right now in NYC. It’s actually quite shocking. I just wish they were all going to the same place.

Where can we see more of your work?
Well if you make it over to NYC, I just finished a wall in Chinatown, Asbury Park NJ, and there’s a new piece up in Montreal as well. I’ve got a show opening September 17th at One Art Space in TriBeCa. The Internet is always helpful – check @gilfnyc on most social media apps and my site to see the latest!

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