Robin Eisenberg

Basically one of the coolest people ever, Robin has toured the world in a rock n roll band, lives on the West Coast and has recently done a badass collaboration with skateboard bible Thrasher.

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Hey Robin Eisenberg, how are things with you?
Hi! I’m doing great. I’m in Los Angeles right now. I’m about to drive to the beach, buy a corn dog and some lemonade, and watch the sun set. Life is rad!

I threw a corn dog out of the window of a car once. Do people ever make Heisenberg/Breaking Bad references to you as you’re called Eisenberg? Or has that passed you by?
Haha, they definitely do… In fact, I was picking my car up from a valet parking place recently and the valet dude had drawn the Heisenberg face on my ticket! So awesome.

You’ve done a bunch of record covers for UK singer Hollie Cook, how did you hook up with her?
Hollie, yay! I met her through the band I play in (Crocodiles). Her boyfriend is our guitar player Charlie. I love Hollie so much. She’s super wonderful and her music is amazing. And I love working on her album covers. I always get to draw her in fun scenarios (partying on the beach with skeletons, hanging out with volcanoes and dancing pineapples, flying spaceships into the jungle…)

How did you end up with your style of illustration? It’s very unique. Did you try other styles before settling on your current one?
I’ve always had sort of the same style as I do now as far as technique (not too clean, pen, etc.) but I used to just draw realistic things, mostly people doing everyday stuff. I eventually got really bored of my own work so I started combining my drawings with all the weirder ideas that in the past I would veer away from. I’m still really into small moments and ordinary life, but I’m also very drawn to strange/dreamy/gross/sexy stuff. I usually start with ink and paper and then scan my stuff in or I draw directly with a Wacom tablet. I do most of my colouring digitally. I can’t really reproduce the ideas that are in my head as quickly when I colour with pen. I grew up on graphic novels like Sandman and Elfquest (does anyone remember Elfquest? SO GOOD) and was always really into sci-fi so those are probably influences on my work.

What’s your favourite thing to ever draw ever?
You’ll find a lot of babes and skeletons in my notebooks from college. I also once drew a rollerblading starfish and thought that was pretty sweet.

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