Miss Led

One of London’s most talented artists, Miss Led is also a pretty big deal int he fashion illustration world.


Where did the name Miss Led come from – do you get misled or do you do the misleading?
The name was created for a MySpace profile, it conveniently allowed me to create new work without disclosing my identity back in 2006. I was getting misled and doing some misleading at the time… It was a crazy funny time. But the name stuck, people liked it and it was easy to remember. It worked really well as a tag and art name, especially when I was running around creating live art, writing on walls and winning Street Art tournaments. Not many people get that it’s a play on words. Some people, mostly men actually, think I’m a Miss light emitting diode. Ha!

Does Miss Van influence you in any way? Not only is she a Miss… too, but her characters are fantastical with big soulful eyes too.
Miss Van is a pretty incredible lady, I love her work. I made a few solo trips in the mid 00’s to Barcelona and the street art there was hugely inspirational. Fafi and Miss Van’s work really connected with me. I was drawn to the simplicity and sexuality of their stuff. No one was really doing that kind of stuff in London at the time so I really wanted to fill that gap. I get bored pretty easily and even though I loved creating girls on walls, I needed to do other stuff, test what I was capable of and see where it took me. That’s why when you see my work, you’ll see I work in about four or five different styles.

How do you go about your business? Do you do loads of sketches ’til you’ve got it right or just go hell for leather and see what happens on the page?
It depends. Sometimes I have the time to doodle and play around with ideas and sketches and other times I have just a matter of hours to create something from nothing so I have to see what comes. I love the romantic notion of carrying around a sketchbook and whiling away hours and days creating and hashing up ideas. But in reality I’m mostly at my studio, alone juggling the business side of things with creating the artwork, and generally on a very tight timescale.

As well as studio-based things, you’ve also painted at the wonderful Secret Wars competition – do you like the pressure and immediacy of live painting?
Yes, Secret Wars. That was pretty awesome. Got known as the girl that beat the boys at their own game. That was pretty funny I wanted my work to be seen and people to take notice. I do love the pressure and immediacy, the pure fear allows something else to come in to play. You don’t have time to doubt or rectify, you just have to keep going. It’s pretty terrifying for the first few minutes, I won’t lie. You might have your back to the audience, but they can be in their thousands. Creating a moniker allows a personal separation for me, and Miss Led is there to perform, so I get on with it.

Where can we see more of your work?
I’m pretty good at keeping up with the whole social network thing.
Facebook and Instagram are the biggies, and I use Twitter too. I also have a couple of online stores – one for prints and other for originals.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/missledstudio
Instagram: http://instagram.com/miss_led1
Print Shop: http://missled.bigcartel.com/
Originals: www.artfinder.com/miss-led
Twitter: https://twitter.com/missledster

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