Pure Evil



Pure Evil is one of the nicest guys you could bump into. And if you stand still for long enough around Old St in London then you probably will. He runs an excellent, eponymous gallery in the area. Anthony Lister once signed his tits.


Why are you so OK with being filmed? It makes you kinda at odds to the rest of the street art/graff community.
I am fit as fuck, what is the point of depriving the world of this finely crafted chin and sexy monobrow? These sculpted abs and perfectly straight pearly white teeth? These slender legs and soft buttocks ? GET THEM OUT !! ON TV !! PRIMETIME !!!

Who’s art/what pictures will you love dearly for all eternity?
Truly if I had to pick one thing to show to aliens if they wanted to destroy our planet, if they just wanted to blow it all to smithereens? It’s not a painting, it’s more ‘time based media’ or ‘video art’. These guys dancing to Kraftwerk in Detroit…
Especially the fine ass lady at 2:22



Your dad was an artist – does the ‘Pure’ in Pure Evil come from your dad’s ‘pure painting’ technique?
Wow, you do your research man… it’s possible, but I never thought about that before. Yeah possibly., but it’s really a kind of nod to the EVIL DEAD – same font, same vibe, but a killer rabbit. I killed him when I was a kid, I feel bad.. he comes back to mash me up… RAMBO RABBIT MOTHAFUKKKKAZZZZZ

Did you ever take him out painting the streets?
No never… but me, my dad and my mate Michael Sheen  (nominated for an Oscar) went to Laugharne – the little village where Dylan Thomas lived and wrote his poems and got pissed in the pub a LOT, and we were there going like, ‘WOW DYLAN THOMAS WHAT A PISSHEAD! HOW COOL,’ and we looked down from Dylan Thomas’ house off into the estuary where his house is, and down in the mud we saw a manky old gate, all rusty and shit. My dad goes ‘FLIPPIN HECK! THAT’S DYLAN’S OLD GATE!’ He remembered seeing it from some old photo of Dylan outside his house. This gate was in the mud mind, so we all went down there and hauled it out of the quagmire and took it back up the lane to the car. American tourists were going “OH HEY GUYS, WHAT HAVE YOU GOT THERE? DYLANS OLD GATE?” Totally joking, but WE DID!!!

Can you still skateboard? Do you still skateboard?
Yes. I have a skateboard next to me right now, you can prise it out of my cold dead hands if you like. It totally made me who I am – skate or die.
Skateboarding has a lot of parallels with street art:
STAGE 1. Skateboarding was underground.
STAGE 2. Then became mainstream because it was COOL with lots of advertisers jumping on the bandwagon to sell their shit off the back of it.
STAGE 3. Advertisers move on, and it’s not cool anymore, lots of sucker skateboarders leave skateboarding and do the whole, “Oh I never really was into it anyway.” (wankers)
STAGE 4. Then core skaters go back underground and make ramps and do their own thing and then control their own industry.
We are at the stage between 2 + 3 right now, wankers like Judith Supine are going, “I am disgusted and bored with, and by, street art.” blah blah

Whatever dude…

How did the whole doing that Pulp single artwork come about?
I met Jarvis and his awesome son in Paris at a show I was part of at the Cartier Foundation. We got on well and we’ve collaborated together since then. He totally rocks, he is just on my level, we can talk about drum machines and SUICIDE and how Bruce Springsteen was influenced by both. So whenever he asks, I’m there. And he suggested me for the artwork for the last shows PULP did, and for the new single and they’re on ROUGH TRADE. So I did a cover for ROUGH TRADE… for PULP… for free. That’s how I roll.

Which musicband would you desperately love to:
1) redo their album artwork (I know you kind rejigged the Beatles)
2) do the album artwork for their new album?
ADELE : But I want 50p per album sold… HA HA

Do you remember that time you told me you’d actually bought two drums and a cymbal and I said ‘Badum Tsss’? That, I think, was my best comedy moment ever.
Yeah, comedy classic!!!
Can I just finish with this? My final word:


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