Invader has to be one of the most prolific street artists in the world. His invasion of cities with mosaic tiles of pixellated characters has spread all over the globe and people instantly recognise one of his works when they spy it out of the corner of their eye, high up on a piece of cornicing (that’s the first time I’ve used the word cornicing, ever). Obviously a covert character, the authorities in America, Europe and Australia would all be pretty happy to collar him. Thought to be from Paris, Invader has made the world a much better place with his art, be it the mosaics on the street or his amazing Rubikism work you’ll find in galleries.

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Lou Reed famously said rock n roll saved his life – did/have Space Invaders save yours at all?
Definitely yes… or not… I would rather say that art saved my life.

I’m pretty sure I saw Lou Reed drinking in a café in Bergerac once. Have you heard if he lived there? Or was it just an old woman in big sunglasses?
I’m not the right person to ask this question. You should have asked it to Lou Reed.
That said, one winter night I was invading Ljubljana (Slovenia) at three in the morning, when I saw a guy looking like Lou Reed alone in the street. I continued on my way and then I saw a poster saying “Lou Reed, live in Ljubljana…” with the date of the day we were there!

Do you have any idea what you’d be doing now if the Space Invader project hadn’t come along?
Another “art” project(s).

Do you believe in aliens?
Do you mean monsters from space ? Or are we alone ? I would answer no.

When you go to invade hot countries do you have to use different cements to keep the invaders stuck to the wall?
Yes, I generally try to adapt things to the country in many ways. And the best is to use local tools and tips because they are already adapted !

Why are French people so cool?
Really, I didn’t know that… But you know, I’m coming from space!

What do you think of copycat Invaders?
I think it is great, I’m thinking for years about encouraging people to “play the game”. But it is a big decision, but so exciting … To be continued…

Do you enjoy putting on exhibitions?
I am not a classical artist; I don’t come to check the installation of the show, drink champagne at the opening or relax with the team afterwards. Anytime I do a show somewhere I come with kilograms of mosaics for the streets and do both the show installation and the streets invasion. During the opening, I am usually out in the streets invading.

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