Gold Peg

If you have walked ANYWHERE in London and looked up above double decker bus level, chances are you’ve seen a piece of graffiti by Gold Peg. Her distinctive pegs adorn chimneys and rooftops across the city and I’m pretty chuffed to say this is her first, and perhaps only, interview she’s ever done.

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Hey Gold Peg, how the hell are you? 
I never did an interview before so I feel a bit weird.

Why a peg? And a golden one at that?
I can’t actually remember now, I don’t think there ever was a proper reason. but it’s fun to paint with, you know it fits on chimney stacks and stuff. I don’t ever really paint them gold, cos the gold spray always fades to a kind of murky sludge colour.

So I once interviewed NYC graff legend Claw and she said she would intentionally hit the hardest places to paint – so called jock-spots – as she felt she had to prove she could do just as much, if not more than the guy painters. Did you ever feel this? You’ve gotten to some pretty hard to reach places. 
I just read that interview, she sounds so great, and I can definitely relate to her angle on it all… but to answer the question, really I was just interested in being defined by what I was doing, rather than by my gender, and trying to get the most mind-bending spots is just the person I am. It’s all about getting people to go ‘…how the fuck did they GET there/DO that?!’, but then if at some point they realise they wrongly assumed whoever did it was male… then I like making that happen occasionally.

Where’s your favourite Gold Peg piece? I always liked the fact you got up to the very top of that weird flat-ironish building that’s the Scala in Kings Cross but has now been turned into expensive flats now.
It’s always been fun doing the massive gross-out collaboration pieces with the rest of Burning Candy. They would sometimes be two night jobs, Sweet Toof taught me a lot about going BIG. So probably the dirty washing piece down the canal in Hackney Wick, it was so early on the pegs are all gumpy-stodgy but it was wild, real ugly. It was all over the place actually. And I can say it’s the only piece I’ve been sad about losing. I’ll be sad when the Heygate Estate ones go too. But normally I don’t worry if a piece goes, that’s just what happens.

What’s it like up on that building? It looks pretty rickety. Have you ever fallen through any roofs or diced a bit too close to danger?
I’ve never died, no. Kings Cross, not even nearly, it was so incredible! Tek33 was dead set on finding some secret entrance to the tube tunnels and I was dead set on getting to the clock tower, it was a crazy night. We’d already staged this whole drama where I’d made out to throw his wedding ring over the fence to give him reason to boot the door in the middle of all that traffic – he’d got on his back and smashed the door with both his feet for extra power and the door fully popped the lock and all its hinges.

Are there any pieces in London that we wouldn’t know? Like Sutton or Penge or somewhere?
Literally, flickr gets everywhere. The only ones people wouldn’t know about are the ones they’re never going to know about. Oh there is a spot I really need I need a photo of at the minute – if anyone reading this has it (?!) Above the Morrison’s up in Tottenham, it was a letter piece with a hot dog running away with the ‘P’ and it said ‘getting away with it’/ ‘taking the piss’ or something like this…

Oh, and the photo of the icecream van above, I doubt anyone’s ever seen that  (-:[>*

Have you ever tagged along on one of them Graffiti Tours in east London for a laugh? I saw a flock of them pootling around on electric bikes the other day. For shame. 
No I haven’t.

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